President Zeman Agrees to Meet Opposition Leader, But Not Date Set

Czech President Milos Zeman will meet with the leader of the opposition coalition Together, Petr Fiala, at his request at a time to be determined later, the president’s spokesman said on Twitter on Wednesday.

Zeman was taken to hospital and placed in an intensive care unit on Sunday, a day after Together and another coalition group defeated Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s ruling ANO party and its allies in a parliamentary election and pledged to form a cabinet.

Zeman, an ally of Babis, has not yet said who he would tap to try to form a government talks first.

Election in numbers

With 27.8% the SPOLU (Togеther) coalition, consisting of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL), and Liberal Democratic Party (TOP 09), received the most votes; the next largest vote share — 27.1% — went to Babiš’s movement ANO (Yes), which received 29.6% in 2017; next came the coalition of the Pirati (Pirate party) and STAN (The Mayors and Independents) at 15.6%; SPD Movement (Freedom and Direct Democracy, a right-wing Eurosceptical party) at 9.6% (10.6% in 2017).

The parties that were unable to enter the Chamber of Deputies were the ČSSD (social democrats), which got 4.7% of votes (7.3% in 2017), a new party, Movement Oath, got 4.7% as well, and the KSČM (communist party) with 3.6% (7.8% in 2017).

The share of seats in the Chamber is now as follows: ANO: 72 seats (-6 seats compared to 2017), Coalition SPOLU: 71 seats (the largest gain of any party compared to 2017), KDU-ČSL 13 seats, Coalition PIRATI + STAN (difference compared to 2017: STAN + 27 and PIRATI — 18 seats), SPD 20 seats (-2 seats).

The difference between Prague and the rest of the republic has widened. The capital voted significantly differently from the state electoral regions: the coalition SPOLU won 40%, PIRATI + STAN 22.6%, ANO 17.5%, SPD 4.6%, ČSSD 4.0%, and KSČM 2.1%.

Territorially, ANO won in 6 electoral regions, in 8 regions the SPOLU coalition.

The turnout was 65.4% of eligible voters (60.8% in the previous parliamentary elections), with the highest turnout in Prague at 70.2%.

About 1 million votes were ‘lost’ (votes received by parties and movements that could not enter Parliament) of a total of 5.4 million-vote turnout.


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