President Zeman Admitted to Hospital for Short-Term Stay

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Czech President Milos Zeman was admitted to the Central Military Hospital in Prague on Thursday for a planned short-term stay, a hospital spokesperson said on Thursday.

Zeman, 77, has been using wheelchair and spent more than six weeks in hospital last year with an unspecified serious condition that temporarily raised concern over his capability to perform duties.

Zeman’s final five-year term ends in March next year.

In an interview with CNN Prima News, the current head of state said Babis would make a good candidate for Czech President in 2023, when Zeman’s second and last term runs out, praising his achievements as Prime Minister.

News agency CTK quoted Zeman’s spokesperson as saying the president went to hospital for a short stay and had a number of meetings planned for next week.

Last year Mr. Zeman spent 48 days at the hospital after being admitted with complications to a chronic illness which doctors said was a liver condition.

Under the constitution, the Czech president is largely a figurehead, with most of the executive power going to the Prime Minister and his government.

Throughout his two terms, Milos Zeman however used his influence and networks to expand the president’s power beyond its constitutional prerogatives – a practice likely to remain if Babis replaces him in Prague castle.

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