PRE Announces Reduction in Electricity and Gas Prices

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The Prague-based energy company, PRE, has announced that new electricity and gas tariffs will be available to customers from March 15, which will be lower than the government’s imposed caps and substantially cheaper than the current tariffs.

The company disclosed this information in a press release on Thursday.

The new tariffs, named PROUD FIX and PLYN FIX, will be accessible to both new and existing customers, with a prerequisite that the prices will remain fixed until the end of 2024.

The cost of electricity at the most popular distribution tariff, D02d, will be 4.74 CZK per kWh, excluding VAT.

Meanwhile, customers who use electricity for heating and water heating purposes will pay 4.64 CZK per kWh for the high tariff and 4.44 CZK for the low tariff.

PRE gas will be offered at 2.08 CZK per kWh, which is 420 CZK below the government-imposed caps when measured in one megawatt.

“The new offer is aimed at conservative customers who prefer to have a guaranteed price for a specific duration. It also targets individuals who are apprehensive about the possibility of any future electricity price hikes,” the company stated.

All major suppliers – E.ON, Innogy, Pražská plynárenská, MND and ČEZ – have already announced discounting below the cap, although in the case of the latter company, these are products where the price will come under the ceiling only over time.


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