Prague Streets Will Come Alive This Weekend With Art Festival

Praha Žije Hudbou 2021 prague

Prague Music Festival (‘Praha Žije Hudbou’) will take place between the 16th and 17th of July. 200 musicians will take part in the sixth year of the street art festival, playing in the streets, squares, and parks of Prague.

Praha Žije Hudbou is a multigenre street art festival whose aim is to present street art to the public and support the idea of busking.

On the two-day festival held under the motto “Art belongs to the streets”, streets of Prague will witness live performances by world-famous jazz trumpeter Laco Déczi with his Celula New York ensemble, singer Ondřej Ruml, genre-spanning band minus123minut, folk-pop singer Voxel, multi-instrumentalist balancing between folk and electronic music Bára Zmeková or beatbox masters Endra and Tiny Beat.


Busking does not include just music acts, but is any street performance, from music to magic, theatre to dance. Passers-by usually toss a voluntary contribution into their favourite performer’s hat. Even though the artists at the festival do not charge for the public to watch and listen to their performances, they will surely appreciate your support!

Festival venues

5 stages for music acts, 1 stage for theatre and over 40 busker points will be created in Kasarna Karlin, Kampa, Jungmannovo Square, Můstek, Stalin and other locations.

In fact, you can simply walk all the way through Prague from Dejvice to Jungmannovo Square while enjoying free programs and deciding which buskers to support by throwing change into their hats.

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