Prague’s Shopping Mall Máj to Close for Reconstruction

Máj department store

The Máj department store on Prague’s Národní třída will start a large-scale renovation in June, which will last about 18 months. 

The reconstruction will mainly affect the interior, while the facade will remain almost unchanged, except for a few signage and renewal of the glass sections on the roof.

“The first and second floors will be closed on April 30. From the 1st of May, it will not be possible to enter the mall from the side of Národní třída and go through the passage. Supermarket Tesco will continue to operate until May 15. Beginning May 16, the department store will be closed completely,” said Vaclav Klan, from Amádeus Real.

Máj, a unique shopping center built in 1975 and designed by architects John Eisler, Miroslav Masák and Martin Rajniš, is one of the most significant works of 1970s Czech architecture.

The building, which was in its times one of the most impressive examples of neofunctionalism, was declared a cultural monument in 2006.

The building is an interesting mix of different details with its glass section, grid facade, clean sleek lines and strong columns.

Máj is located on one of the busiest traffic hubs at the entrance to the city center. The technical background of the building is also unique, enabling trucks to be moved to higher floors of the building by lifts.

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