Prague’s Revolučni Street Will Be Converted Into a Promenade

revolucni prague renovation

Prague City Council and the Institute of Planning and Development has announced plans to transform parts of Revoluční Street into a pedestrian-friendly promenade.

The proposal aims to create more space for pedestrians by widening the streets, adding trees, benches, drinking fountains, and bicycle racks.

The road surface will be paved over and driving speeds will be reduced to 30 k/h on the street.

Now, 15,000 cars will pass through the street daily. The street is some 295 meters long.

The modifications were intended to make Revolučni, Národní, and Na Příkopě streets known as the Hradební korza or “castle promenade” look and feel more like the original Old Town Prague.

In an interview with, Deputy Mayor of Transport Adam Scheinherr discussed his vision for the future promenade.

“We want to turn Revoluční Street into a promenade with wide sidewalks, quality surfaces, benches, and better accessible public transport. As it should be in the center of the modern metropolis,”

To accommodate public transport, wider islands will be implemented to the new tram stop closer to the Vltava river.

The proposal for the promenade began in 2018 when Aoc architects in partnership with the Institute for Planning and Development conducted a study on the best use of the space.

Deputy Mayor Petr Hlaváče says pedestrians are poised to benefit the most from the upcoming modifications.

“The conceptual study aims to elevate Revolutionary Avenue to a full-fledged city boulevard, which is especially pleasant for pedestrians.”

Neither IPR nor the Deputy Mayor have announced when the project will break ground and renovations begin.

Revoluční dates to the Middle Ages. In the 17th century, it was described as a muddy gutter filled with rubbish. It has been called Revoluční since 1918, referring to Czechoslovak independence. Previous names include Náplavní, Trubní and Rourová in the 18th century and Eliščina in the 19th century.

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