Prague’s Public Transport is Beginning to Lift Coronavirus Restrictions

From Monday, May 11, Prague’s Public Transport will strengthen bus connections limited from March due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Buses will run according to the so-called half-holiday timetables, which are common in January and February. The DPP is now strengthening its operations “following the relaxation of emergency measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the gradual increase in the number of passengers,” stated DPP on their website.

Furthermore, buses will no longer stop automatically at all stops, so passengers need to press the button.

However, boarding restrictions on trams and buses do not change. It will be possible to get on only through the middle and rear doors.

The cable car to Petřín will reopen on 11 May, but with some restrictions. It will carry a maximum of 30 passengers in one cabin and will not stop at Nebozízek.

Passengers need to wear face masks and keep a safe distance of two meters while waiting.

From May 25, DPP expects to return to its original timetables on suburban bus lines. On June 1, seasonal trains from Prague to Central Bohemia should also restart.

According to Prague’s Public Transport, the renewal of trains and buses to Central Bohemia Region must be approved by the Central Bohemian Crisis Staff.

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