Prague’s Public Transport Ferries Return for 2023 Season

The popular Vltava River ferries have been running again since last weekend. Other links are now in operation until October 29th, in addition to the P1 and P2 ferries, which operate all year.

However, there is one minor difference this year: the commonly used ferry from Holešovice to Karlin will only transport people until the new HolKa walking bridge opens. The new bridge is slated to debut this summer.

The boat will also not service Stvanice Island because the eastern end of the island is blocked off by the new walking bridge building site.

Prague boats transported over 619,000 passengers last year. The P2 route between Podbaba and Podhoří was typically the largest ferry, carrying 219,000 passengers and 23,000 bicycles.

This boat transports 600 persons per day on average. With around 119,000 people, the P5 route from Cisarská louka at Výtoň and Smichov Dam (Smichovska Náplavka) was the second most used ferry.

The ferries in Prague are a popular transport option among locals as well as tourists. They allow you to experience the Vltava River and the city from a very special perspective, while comfortably getting from one bank to the other.

List of Prague ferries in operation since 25 March 2023:

P1 Sedlec – Zámky: Daily until 20:00, weekdays from 5:25, weekends from 6:45.

P2 V Podbaba – Podhoří: Daily until 22:00, weekdays from 5:25, weekends from 6:30.

P3 Lihovar – Dvorce: Daily until 22:00, weekdays from 7:00, weekends from 8:00.

P4 Dostihová – Belárie: In operation from about July after the closure of the P7 line. In operation daily until 19:00-21:00 depending on daylight, weekdays from 07:00, weekends from 08:00.

P5 Císařskálouka – Kotevní – Výtoň: In operation daily from 08:00 to 19:00-21:00 depending on daylight.

P6 Lahovičky – Nádraží Modřany: Daily until 19:00-21:00 depending on daylight, weekdays from 7:00, weekends from 8:00.

P7 Holešovická tržnice – Rohanský ostrov: Daily until 19:00-22:00 depending on daylight, weekdays from 7:00, weekends from 8:00.

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