Prague’s Public Transit Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Prague’s public transport system is returning to normal operation today after restrictions caused by the covid-19 epidemic and the spring break.

The interval on the A metro line is reduced from 180 to 150 seconds in the morning peak of working days, and by half a minute to 180 seconds in the afternoon.

On the B line, it is reduced from 160 to 140 seconds in the morning, and by half a minute to 150 seconds in the afternoon. On the busiest C line, trains start running at 115 seconds instead of 130 in the morning peak, and at 145 seconds instead of 155 in the afternoon.

Trams at peak times will run every eight minutes, while backbone lines 9, 17, and 22 will run every 4 minutes.

City buses are newly running at five to six minutes on morning peak days on the backbone lines and at seven to eight in the afternoon.

“On selected lines, for example 125 from Skalka to Smíchovské nádraží, 131 from Bořislavka to Hradčanska or 137 from Malé Ohrada to the Na Knížecí stop, the intervals will also be shortened on weekends,” said Filip Drápal, spokesman for Ropid.

The operation of bus lines no. 100 (Zličín – Letiště Praha) and Airport Express (Hlavní nádraží – Letiště Praha) remains partially limited for the time being, given the currently lower demand for travel to or from Prague Airport.

People are still required to wear face coverings in all public transport.

The minister of health, Vlastimil Válek, said if Covid numbers continued to go down the requirement to wear respirators would be completely abandoned in the course of April.

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