Introducing Prague’s New Souvenirs: Jewelry, Postcards, and Crystal Glasses Are Now Sold Online

Prague has many iconic sights that become great souvenirs for the city’s visitors. Recently, new items designed and made by local artists were added as official city merchandise- crystal glasses, comics, jewelry made of rose glass, and so on.

According to Klára Malá, a spokeswoman for Prague City Tourism (PCT), the Czech capital wants to support artists, be a more sustainable city, and actively promote tourism. Potential buyers can look at and get new souvenirs online or at the Petřín Lookout Tower.

“We have decided to enter the market with authentic, personal souvenirs that have a story and do not just take up space,” said PCT board member Jana Adamcová. She added that sustainability is also one of the main objectives of the new tourism strategy in the metropolis.

Prague is now newly represented by crystal glasses decorated with gilded symbols of Prague towers, which were created in a limited edition under the direction of the designer Rony Plesl by the workers of the Rückl glassworks.

For youngsters, they launched comic book tales of art on the underground by Magnesia Litera award winner Ondřej Horák and illustrator David Kalika (Kakalík), as well as a cartoon guide to the Prague conservation area by award-winning illustrator Michaela Kukovičová and writer Alena Ježková.

Among the new souvenirs is a special edition of pink glass jewelry with sandblasted cherry blossoms, by the art workshop ko-ra-le, as a tribute to the Petřín orchard slopes in bloom.

There is of course a range of more orthodox souvenirs, too – postcards, fridge magnets, diaries, or pencils, from the workshops of illustrators Linh, Smota, and Gabriela from the DRAWetc studio, Bohemia Paper workshop as well as the portfolio of studio Pragtique.


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