Prague’s Most Atmospheric Cinemas

From independent hipster cinema houses showing arthouse films to boutique cinema with sofas, there are many stand-out places in Prague to watch a movie. Independent cinemas are a good choice to catch up on some of the best films made around the world or the place to introduce a friend or date to one of your most favourite old classics.

Lucky for us, Prague offers a diverse and well-thought-out cinema. Tired of popcorn and coke? Good news – most of these cinemas serve delicious small food, craft drinks, and good coffee. It’s up to you if you will choose an authentic atmosphere with vintage style seats, beautiful cinema room with history or hipster chamber cinemas which will not break your bank. All the choices below make it a perfect night movie in the city.

Last but not least – a movie program is often better than the ones in blockbuster cinemas and on top of everything you can always find some interesting events happening. 


Přítomnost Boutique Cinema

The very first boutique cinema in Prague opened just this spring in Prague’s Žižkov district. The experience of visiting the Přítomnost cinema is completely different from what we are used to in a conventional cinema hall. Pleasant design that combines original functionalist interior elements with modern Czech design. Instead of classic cinema seats, you can find comfortable sofas with a table and an electric lamp.

Directly in the cinema hall is located in a modern bar from which you can order also during a screening. The cinema can seat about 100 people and it’s definitely a place to go for a date for their cozy romantic atmosphere. Don’t forget to follow them on social media not to miss special events cinema organizes like Brunch & Movies just to give you an idea.

Adress: Siwiecova 1839/1, Prague 3


Cinema NFA Ponrepo

A classic cinema of the National Film Archive Ponrepo is located in the very city center in the historically valuable refectory of the Old Town Dormitory. This unique chamber space attracts mainly film enthusiasts and artists of the older generation. The main focus of Ponrepo cinema is the screening of old classics, artistic and experimental movies, and care of film heritage and the mediation of its knowledge to the public, and assistance in the development of the Czech audiovisual industry and film culture.

Foreigners can also look forward to watching classic Czech movies with English subtitles. Don’t forget to stop by a Ponrepo caffě and enjoy soft drinks, coffee, or a small dish before or after a movie. 

Adress: Bartolomějská 291/11, Prague 1


Cinema Pilotů

The operation of the Pilotů Cinema was resumed after more than 20 years and follows on from the cinema of the same name from the 1930s, which was preceded by a summer screening in the former gardening colony. Kino Pilotů offers diverse programs to be able to host any type of audience. The program offers anything from festival films, documentaries, old-time classic to the newest blockbuster movies.  The Vršovice cinema has two halls – A and B – with a capacity of 84 and 70 seats, and one small intimate hall C with 16 seats. The intimate, friendly atmosphere of the cinema is enhanced by the pleasant bar at the entrance of the cinema, where you can get quality coffee, refreshing drinks, and snacks. If you fancy a good cocktail after the movie you don’t need to walk far away – right next to a cinema is Bar Pilotů, where you can enjoy a wide offer of fine cocktails.

Adress: Donská 168/19, Prague 10


Cinema Kino MAT

Kino Mat operates a chamber cinema hall with a capacity of 45 seats which makes is one of the smallest cinemas in the Czech Republic. The cinema is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video technology and providing, together with the restaurant’s facilities, all the comfort for its guests. Possibility to rent a hall for seminars and press conferences. The Mat film club has existed since 1994, but the cinema did not officially start showing until May 1995. In addition to the cinema, you can also find a restaurant, bar and DVD rental. Very relaxed atmosphere and good location make this small cinema worth visiting.

Adress: Karlovo náměstí 19, Praha 2


Cinema Lucerna

The cinema Lucerna, one of the oldest cinema in Prague is situated near Wenclesav square. Its celebrated 100th anniversary back in 2009, so besides a movie visitors have the opportunity to admire its beautiful Art Nouveau interior too The cinema has a capacity of 454 seats, screens Czech and foreign films in their original version with subtitles. Cinema is often used for a number of film festivals such as Japanese Film Festival, Italian Film Festival, One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, European Film Days etc. The cinema hall can also be rented for conferences and corporate events with the provision of catering services.

Adress: Vodičkova 36, Prague 1


Cinema BIO OKO

In Prague 7 district Holešovice is a chamber club cinema Bio Oko, which screens a wide range of quality contemporary, independent and foreign films. It is a unique independent space that has something for everyone. Besides a daily cinema program, Bio Oko offers also screening for schools, seniors, and organizers events for families with kids. From time to time you can also watch live broadcasts and recordings of famous opera houses such as La Scala or Paris Opera. You cannot miss a cool bar located at the entrance of the cinema – a favourite spot for a beer and drinks for residents of Prague 7.

Adress: Františka Křížka 460/15, Praha 7


Other independent cinemas to visit in Prague:

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