Prague’s Mobile Vaccination Bus Will Have Several New Stops

COVID vaccination bus prague

In the three weeks of its operation, almost five hundred people have used the services of the mobile vaccination center.

The bus has been vaccinating people in many different places in the metropolis without the need for prior reservations. The bus will have several more stops throughout Prague this month.

The individual stations of the vaccination bus are located in popular places or cultural events spots around the city.

On August 27, the Vaccination Bus will stop at the parking garage in front of the Černý Most Center and at the Rašín embankment for the Auta na náplavce event (August 28 and 29).

For the last two days of August, the bus will head to the Prague Zoo. The current schedule of habitats is available here.

In the first weekend alone, 180 people received a vaccine jab at the Prague Zoo stop, and a few days later, 107 people were vaccinated in front of the Eden Shopping Center.

Dozens more have joined in the Letňany Shopping Center, at the Olympic Festival in Stromovka, or in the Troja Botanical Garden.

The bus uses the Comirnaty vaccine (BionTech / Pfizer), as well as the Janssen-Cilag single-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson), but it cannot be combined with other vaccines.

For the second dose of the Comirnaty vaccine, it is possible to return to the vaccination bus at its current location. There is no need to register in advance via the Central Reservation System and you only need to arrive at the current bus stop at any time during opening hours.

All you need for registration on the spot is a health insurance card and proof of identity. You also need to fill in a vaccination questionnaire together with a doctor.

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