Prague’s Letná Pendulum Is Back

After several months, the pendulum designed in 1991 by sculptor Vratislav Novák has returned. The news is reported by Pražský deník. 

The artwork should start swinging in the next few weeks and will bear a banner with the words “Lidi děkujeme” (People, thank you) as a sign of gratitude to those who are helping in the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Metronome of Prague was installed at the place of the former Stalin Monument. Together with the pendulum it is 25 meters high and weighs 7 tonnes.

The machine propelling the individual parts of the Metronome is hidden in a three-sided pyramid. The pendulum with a 60º swing is balanced out by a scale beam with a weight of two tonnes.

Installing the pendulum could not have been performed by the crane due to the damaged statics stand after shooting Stalin’s monument. Therefore, it was placed there by a giant helicopter.

The mystery remains, under what conditions does the metronome sometimes shake and sometimes it does not. The area under the metronome is popular especially among skateboarders, who enjoy practicing here. Not to mention, the view of Prague from this place is magnificent.

In 2003, the metronome was used to promote a referendum on the Czech Republic’s accession to the European Union, with its pendulum moving between Yes and No.

In 2009, it symbolically measured the time of the Czech Republic’s EU Presidency.

Source: CTK
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