Prague’s Harley Days Celebrates its 10th Anniversary by Looking Back

From September 2-4, Prague’s Harley Days—the premier motorcycle festival in the Czech capital—will return, celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Featuring music, American food, Czech beer, stand-up comedy, along with all the traditional attractions of Harley Days—bikes, parades, competitions and workshops—there is surely something to be found for anyone. Even people totally unfamiliar with biker culture can engage with the events and learn something about the traditionally American subculture that has, as of late, been flourishing across Europe.

For those unadorned with the appropriate leather jacket, too, there will be plenty of pop-up shops offering jackets and chaps, along with t-shirts and hats at a range of price points.

In order to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Harley Days has decided to look back: reprising the best, most exciting, highlights from each of the past 10 years.

“If someone had asked me 10 years ago where I see myself in 2022, I probably would have had easy time answering, at the 10th annual Prague Harley Days. 10 years have passed, and we and Prague Harley Days are still here, we have fun, and have planned and figured out how to make the event even better for this year” Said Jaroslav Vavřina, the organizer of Harley Days. “The past ten years have been marked by big downs and bigger ups, disappointments and enthusiasm. And now? We can’t wait for the 10th year.”

This enthusiasm has been echoed throughout the Central and Eastern European biker communities, who have, over the past 10 years, come to rely on Prague for such an event.

Vavřina emphasizes the welcoming nature of Harley Days, too: “We really invite everyone, riders of all brands, families with children, adrenaline lovers and appreciators of moto style, but also random passers-by. All of them belong to Prague Harley Days and we believe that they will enjoy themselves properly. It will be a ride, but it will be worth it.”

For bikers, Harley Days is a veritable cornucopia of community and fun. It’s not just limited to Prague, though: Harley Days has several sightseeing routes it suggests bikers take in order to fully experience the Central Bohemian Region. A motorcycle, on the open road, with the wind in your hair: difficult to imagine a better way to see Czechia.

The festival is taking place at Vystavištê in Prague 7 and will run all through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at several different sites in and surrounding the convention grounds.

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