Prague’s Dazzling Christmas Tree This Year Will be From Liberec

The Christmas Spruce which has been chosen to light up the Old Town Square in Prague this year will be arriving from the Liberec Region.

If the situation with covid-19 does not cause significant restrictions, the tree will be on display in the Old Town Square on Saturday, November 27, 2021, when the Christmas markets will also begin.

The tree was grown on private land near Jablonec nad Nisou to a height of 21.5 meters, and although it is not one of the tallest trees that adorned the centre of the metropolis in the past, it is beautifully grown and evenly branched.

As in previous years, this year people offered their trees for the festive display.

“It is partly a question of prestige, every year it becomes the most famous Christmas tree in the Czech Republic. This year, it grew over a hundred kilometers northeast of the Old Town Square, which it will decorate until the beginning of January, “said Prague Councilor Jan Chabr (TOP 09).

The company Technology for the Capital City Prague (THMP) will take care of felling and decorating the tree.

“We plan to cut down the tree on the penultimate Sunday of November so that it can shine in front of the Týn Church on the first weekend of Advent,” concluded Tomáš Jílek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of THMP.

The Finding a Tree competition was announced by the market organizer for the eleventh time and those interested sent their tips from all over the country for a chance to win a reward of ten thousand crowns.


Although the Christmas markets were cancelled due to the pandemic last year, visitors to the square did not lose the Christmas tree. Last year it was felled in Kamenný Přívoz near Prague, and it had grown to a height of 17.5 meters.

The year before, spruce from Semily in the Liberec Region was selected for the Old Town Square. Christmas spruce in 2018 came from the village of Rynoltice in the Liberec region. It had grown for 55 years and reached a height of 22 meters. Its owner decided to remove it because of its height, and it was dangerous as it stood near a house.

In 2017, the 24-meter-high spruce for the Old Town Square came from Roztoky near Křivoklát and grew for 66 years.

In 2016, a 22-meter-tall spruce came to Prague from the town of Pecka in the Hradec Králové Region.


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