Prague Zoo Celebrates 25th Birthday of Karlík The Penguin

On Sunday, as part of the new program „Tučňáčí občanky“, visitors to the Prague Zoo can enjoy the 25th birthday of Penguin Humboldt Karlík and the production of “citizens” for selected penguins.  

Between 10:00 and 15:00 an information stand will be set up at the penguin’s exhibition, where visitors will learn a lot of key facts about their life, threats against their wellbeing and about protection. At 11 am, the penguin feed is commenced.

Children will also be able to paint a silhouette of a selected penguin from the Prague Zoo during the entire program. And then at 2 pm, the breeders will explain how they recognize each penguin according to features such as, for example, a dot, and hand over a special cake to Karlik for his 25th birthday.

Author: Lilato Madiri

Photo: Jana Myslivečková / Zoo Praha


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