The Prague Youth Film Festival 2019 Announces its Lineup

The Prague Youth Film Festival 2019 announces its lineup The Prague Youth Film Festival (PYFF), which seeks to find new international film talents among filmmakers under 35, has announced its program.

The festival takes place from December 20-22nd, 2019 on locations around Prague. Its program consists of 25 films from 17 countries around the world. Among the debut, features is the international premiere of the Brazilian social media documentary “Digital Apotheosis”, the intense German thriller “A Clear Feeling” (“Kahlschlug”), and the moody Danish drama “Dream State.”

Among Czech films is the historical adventure “Narusitel” (“Freedom in the Air”), directed by the 19-year-old David Balda. The program is rounded out by the international premiere of “Into the Storm,” an American documentary about a basketball team’s triumph in the face of racism from a first-time director, and “North Korea World 2019” – a never-before-seen look at North Korea from a Chinese student’s perspective.

The festival also screens a slate of unique international short films from around the world, from such countries as Kenya, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Peru, France, the UK, Vietnam, Georgia and more. A special highlight of the festival are films on environmental themes. You can find out more about the program and order tickets today here.

Among the esteemed international Jury of the Prague Youth Film Festival are:

● American film producer Rick McCallum (Star Wars, Britannia, In Love and War, Borgia)

● British director Kirk Jones (known for Waking Ned Devine, Everybody’s Fine, What to Expect When You’re Expecting)

● German cinematographer René Richter (Head Full of Honey, Zone Rouge)

● Czech production designer Petr Kunc (Lea, Day of the Dog, The Hypnotist)

● New Zealand cinematographer Michael Seresin (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, War for the Planet of the Apes)

● Film Commissioner Pavlína Žipková (Czech Film Commission / Czech Film Fund) Canon is the main partner of PYFF 2019. Other partners include the Czech Film Commission (Státní Fond Kinematografie), US Embassy Prague, BIOFILMS and Chapeau Rouge. The festival is organized by Petra & Paul Ratner, who produced the popular 48 Hour Film Project in Prague for 8 years. Pavlina Saward from Driven by Creatives is the co-producer.

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