Prague Will Officially Support Ukraine’s Accession to EU

The Czech Republic is preparing to sign a Declaration on Ukraine’s European Prospect in support of the country’s EU accession. Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský told this in an interview with Yevropeiska Pravda, a Ukrainian media outlet.

“We are currently negotiating on the issue (of signing a declaration, – ed.) with Ukraine. And I am very optimistic about the results of these talks,” Lipavský said.

He stressed that if Ukraine does not stop carrying out reforms, joining the EU will become a “simple documentary formality.” Lipavský also underlined the most crucial areas, subjected to the reforms.

“The rule of law, judicial reform, anti-corruption spheres. This is a difficult task, yes, but we will repeat it again and again. Once you have a milieu that EU companies feel safe in Ukraine, you will see the robust growth of the Ukrainian economy,” the minister assured.

Seven EU countries have already signed Declaration on Ukraine’s European Prospect – Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia.

February 7-8, the Slavkov trilateral – Foreign Ministers Jan Lipavský (the Czech Republic), Alexander Schallenberg (Austria), and Ivan Korčok (Slovakia) – paid a joint visit to Ukraine to coordinate policies on deterring Russian full-fledged invasion.

The Czech Republic assured Ukraine of support amid Russia’s military escalation. Moreover, it became a leader in convicting ex-militants, who fought against Ukraine in Donbas.

Ukraine’s strategic course is defined and enshrined in the Constitution – the acquisition of full membership of Ukraine in the European Union and NATO. According to the latest polls, 67% of Ukrainians stand for the country’s joining the EU. Kyiv has fulfilled EU-Ukraine Association Agreement with the EU by 61%.

Together with Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine is part of the so-called “Association Trio” – a tripartite format for the enhanced cooperation, coordination between the EU and these three countries. EU is Ukraine’s largest trading partner, accounting for more than 40% of its trade.

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