Prague Will NOT Increase the Cost of Annual Public Transit Pass. For Now.

Deputy Minister for Transport Adam Scheinherr (Praha sobě) confirmed that the annual pass for Prague City Transport will not raise in the near future.

“However, Prague city cannot avoid an increase in price. We don’t know when this will happen,” he said at yesterday’s meeting of the City Council.

This summer, Scheinherr suggested increasing the price of the annual pass by CZK 1 per day, ie by CZK 365 per year. “In this way, passengers can cover the higher costs of the transport company in the following years. Only in ten years, the pass should become doubly expensive,” he added.

“Compared to twenty years ago, Prague City increased passengers’ comfort, but if we want to continue offering a better service, as the construction of the new metro D or new tram lines, we need to adjust ticket prices.”

In just three months during the coronavirus crisis, Prague Transport Company lost CZK 500 million in fares and expects to collect up to CZK 1.7 billion less from passengers in the whole year.

At yesterday’s meeting, Scheinherr said “even a small increase during the current pandemic would be immoral. Many people have lost their jobs and have other financial problems to deal with.”

“I cannot answer the question of when, how, and whether we will raise the yearly price. But we have cheaper fares than Pilsen, Liberec, or Brno. These cities do not have a metro, which is the most expensive part of a city’s public transport,” he added.

Due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the capital’s fare revenues fell sharply, mainly from tourists. According to the deputy, the city will try to save 500 million CZK by re-competing contracts with private carriers.

Prague City decided to reduce the annual pass price in 2015 from the original CZK 4,750 to CZK 3,650.

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