Prague Wants to Revive its Transport Stops

The open call was announced to the public by IPR Prague (the Prague Institute of Planning and Development) and Prague City Hall.

The open call attempts to revive local transportation stops that lack a coherent visual identity and coherence so that the design proposals should represent the unique character of the city and timeless design. The selected design proposal will expectedly pay utmost care to come up with unique and locally sound ideas for designing the city’s transport shelters and railings.

The confirmed deadline for submitting applications is the 18th of April at 3 pm. The technical specifications and all documents regarding the procedures can be seen here.        

The recent announcement highlights that in addition to the basic functions of transport stops, the new design should come up with creative ideas for easy maintenance, refined forms of timeless design, resistance and clear orientation for passengers.

According to Adriana Krnáčová, the mayor of Prague, around 2000 stops in the city will be gradually transformed and the new design for Prague’s public transport shelters and railings will be “sensitive, modern but also tasteful and timeless.”

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