Prague Wants to Improve the Air Quality

Prague has taken a significant step in building its smart city infrastructure with the installation of air quality sensors which gather real-time data through its ICE Gateway network.

They are being provided by Finnish company Vaisala, which develops and manufactures a range of products for environmental and industrial measurement. The CO2 sensors will help the city to understand the local air quality conditions and to target actions in order to improve air quality.

The sensors will be installed on the smart streetlights which are also used for traffic monitoring, security and other applications.

ICE Gateway, based in Berlin, enables cities to provide smart solutions by upgrading their existing infrastructure and adding new functions and services that improve the life of their citizens.

“Vaisala’s high-quality sensors, as well as their worldwide leading position and expertise in weather sensors, is a perfect match to our highly secure smart city plug-and-play solution,” said says Ramin L. Mokhtari, CEO of ICE Gateway. “We will work together to offer more advanced local real-time services for citizens, such as e-health information and local data in combination with other sensors such as traffic density.”

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