Prague Transforms Last Year’s Christmas Tree Into Furniture for Elderly Home

Garden benches and mobile flower beds were donated to the Home for the Elderly in Malešice.

At the beginning of this year, the Czech City of Prague made a commitment to extend the life of Christmas trees by recycling them and transforming them into furniture for social facilities.

As such, it announced that students in the field of carpentry from the Jarov Secondary Vocational School would use their skills to help the city achieve its sustainable goals.

Now, the Czech capital has proudly reported that the students have built two garden benches and four mobile flower beds out of the spruce that stood in the Old Town Square last Christmas. Moreover, they have donated these newly built products to the Home for the Elderly in Malešice.

An innovative and sustainable city

In a press release by the municipality, Mayor Zdeněk Hřib commented on the students’ efforts:

“Even around Christmas, the tree made passers-by happy in the Old Town Square. Now, thanks to the skillful students of the Jarov Secondary School, it has been used to create specific products which, I believe, will serve clients of the Home for the Elderly in Malešice for many years. It is thus not only an effective use and transformation of already existing material but also a nice symbol of connecting generations.”

Councillor Vít Šimral also voiced his satisfaction with this project, noting the importance of recycling materials:

“The result is perfect. I am glad that the tree was used ecologically in this way and did not end up in a landfill or incinerator. It would be a great pity. We now see how such materials can be used for further use. Ecology issues are crucial for our students and remain relevant.”

This project not only brings joy to the elderly in Malešice but also establishes Prague as an innovative, green, and sustainable city.

Hopefully, other cities around the world will follow the example of the Czech capital and think of innovative ways in which they can recycle useful materials.

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