Prague Trams Painted With "Black Riders" Excuses

On the streets of Prague appeared two unusual black trams: they are covered with real excuses of people caught without a ticket on public transport.

The project is called Vymlouvačka and is part of a campaign to reduce the number of illegal passengers, or “black riders,” in mass and integrated transport in Prague. One of the trams runs on the 17th route, the other – on the 13th.

You can read the following excuses: “Dog ate my ticket”, “My son was playing with the ticket and lost it”, “I could not buy the ticket with an SMS because my hands froze. I waited to warm up”, “I have other worries – my guinea pig died today”, “I just have one stop,” and others.

“The main goal of the campaign is to draw the attention that unlimited travel costs only Kč 10 a day. Compared to other European and even some Czech cities, this is the most advantageous price,” ROPID representative Martin Schubert said.

Ticker inspectors, known as revizors, gave out a total of 273,741 fines. The number of passengers getting caught without a ticket on Prague’s public transportation system every year has been slowly increasing, but the demographics remain the same.

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