Prague Tram Covered With Posters From 1989 to Go Into Service

Photo: ČTK

From today, December 4th, 2019, a tram plastered with posters from 1989 will be running through the streets of the capital.

On weekdays, the tram will run on the historic line number 23 and weekends as line number 2.

This tram is a way of commemorating the events of the Velvet Revolution and the free elections in 1990. The design was prepared for the transportation company by Pavel Šťastný, the logo author of the Civic Forum.

“Exactly 30 years ago, a major demonstration took place on Wenceslas Square and less than a week later, Václav Havel announced that he would run for president. He had only 19 days for the campaign.

The presidential campaign also included a revolutionary slogan tram number 8085,” said Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr.

Compared to the initially covered tram, this one also bears the logo for 30 years of freedom. “The tram passing through the centre was the first big mobile propagator of election information. There was no Internet or Facebook,” said Pavel Šťastný.


Photo: ČTK


Photo: ČTK
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