Prague Tourists Fined for Drinking Alcohol in Banned Locations

Prague police officers were mainly stationed in the historical center during the last prolonged weekend. Drunken visitors on the beer bike were fined due to violating the ban on drinking alcohol at selected locations.

There was a total of 11 misdemeanors within three days. “On-site patrols imposed block fines totaling CZK 3,400,” Irena Seifertova, spokesman for the city police said. 

Prague prohibits alcohol consumption in some streets, including the vicinity of schools, parks, state institutions and public stops. 

Tourists complained to the police officers that no one had told them about the rules and violations. The beer bike company, however, refuted the tourists’ statement. 

“We respect all decrees and regulations. Our bartender informed the clients while driving and pointed them to places where alcohol is not allowed,” said Viktor Hübner, Prague-beer-bike executive, whose clients also received the fine. He added that in some places, conflicting situations might arise. In the future, the city police are planning additional random checks to beer-bike customers. 

Prague beer bikes have recently been filled with critics as they move slowly and delay the traffic. People also complain about the noise caused by drunk customers. The police cannot do much, however, as the actual driver of the beer-bike carriage is sober, and does not violate any other rules and regulations.

Author: A.M.

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