Prague Tourist Numbers Continue to Rise

According to international research company Euromonitor International, the number of tourists visiting Prague has increased in 2019, reaching 9.2 million visits so far.

Prague is now the 22nd most visited city in the world.

Even though Hong Kong is continuing to experience turbulent times, the city in South China has managed to keep its first place in the ranking. 26.7 million tourists visited the metropolis.

Another five Asian cities then placed in the Top 10, including the Thai capital Bangkok (2nd place), Macau (3rd place), Singapore (4th place), and Kuala Lumpur (9th place).

In addition to the number of tourists, Euromonitor International also monitors how much money people spend on their visits. Europe attracts the highest number of tourists overall. In 2019, nearly 722 million visitors came to Europe, spending €520 billion.

In terms of the number of visits, the biggest European attraction is London, which recorded about 19.6 million visitors in 2019, about 300,000 more than in 2018.

Paris follows with more than 19 million visitors. Several places behind is Rome, which attracted 10.3 million people and ranked in 16th place.

In this regard, 22nd place for Prague with more than 9 million visitors shows the city ranks up there with some of the most popular cities in the world, especially compared to top destinations like Tokyo (10.4 million visits) and Saudi Arabia’s Mecca (9.8 million).

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