‘Prague Tomorrow’ Exhibition Invites You to Explore the City’s Future

The city (inner) ring road is currently one of the largest infrastructure projects in Prague. Photo: IPR archive

How will Prague look in the next 20 years? Discover the answer at ‘Prague Tomorrow? Priorities in Prague’, an exhibition at the Centre for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP).

The exhibition consists of 25 public construction projects which explore ways to transform Prague. They include ambitious aims to transform a brownfield area in the Nové district, to complete the inner city ring road, and build a new park on the island of Štvanice.

Mayor Zdeněk Hřib believes that transforming Bubny-Zátory, the city’s largest brownfield, is a particularly fundamental objective for the city as it will improve access to housing.

However, Deputy Mayor Petr Hlaváček is supporting potential plans to build a philharmonic building, which he hopes could become a creative symbol of 21st century Prague.

Several architectural groups were involved in the transformation of the brownfield at Žižkov Freight Station.
Photo: IPR archive

Ondřej Boháč, director of the Institute of Planning and Development, explains that the exhibition is a “model selection of twenty-five interesting projects that will change the expression of Prague as we know it today.”

The projects have been divided into five specific categories: new neighbourhoods, squares, parks and opportunities and connections. What unites them is improvements for life in the city.

According to the 2013 design of the RKAW architectural studio, a sports and relaxation area will be built on the island of Štvanice. Photo: IPR archive

Not all of these projects will come to life.  Pavel Vyhnánek, Deputy Mayor for Finance and Budget understands the problems with obtaining state support for the projects: “My task is to secure funding, which is especially difficult in the current difficult coronavirus period.”

The success of these projects will be decided by elected public representatives. Members of the public are invited to contribute to the conversation during a tour of the exhibition.

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