Prague to Welcome Unique Sports Ground on Štvanice Island

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Plans have commenced for a project which will see the neglected river transform into a clean outdoor sports ground. 

The Ministry of Defence had previously indicated that the wild water track in Štvanice, which he had once used for an exhibition race along with the Czech army, was set to be destroyed due to its lack of use. 

Martin Leskovjan, founder of the Vlna Stvanice association, has since negotiated with the Ministry of Defence to hand over the lease of the Vltava River Basin on new lease conditions. 

The thought of the destruction of Štvanice, which is unique in the world as one of two artificial tracks with wild water, is behind Martin’s motivation to bring a new lease of life to the abandoned area. 

“The longer I deal with Štvanice, the more possibilities, and potential I see,” said Leskovjan.

​​“The strong positive response and support of the project is concentrated from all sides and confirms to me that the project can bring together many paddlers and surfers, but also the city and its inhabitants.”

As an active paddler himself, Martin plans to bring the first river surfing wave to the centre of Prague, where it will be possible to go kayaking and surfing. 

The current plan is to further develop the water track and build facilities such as a boating equipment rental, shipyard, and cafe, which will all have better access to the sports field and reconstruct the track according to modern trends. 

However, the construction – estimated to cost between 300 to 400 thousand crowns- will all depend on public support. 

In the coming days, a campaign will be launched on the HitHit platform to help finance the construction and begin the transformation of the neglected area. 

In addition to crowdfunding, the project will then be funded through monthly or annual membership fees, but Martin says he will need to count on sponsors he intends on acquiring for the project. 

The construction already has many high-profile supporters including Vojta Heger, the representative of the Czech Republic in water slalom, as well as Czech snowboarder Eva Samková and the singer and actress Barbora Poláková. 

According to the Vlna Štvanice association, outdoor sports life will bring a positive mood and is an ideal leisure activity in Covid-19 times, when indoor sports are limited.

It is hoped that the restoration will reinstate the river’s good reputation amongst the people of Prague. 



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