Prague to Shutdown Matryoshka Sales and Currency Exchange Offices

Prague Councillor Jan Chabr is preparing a press conference for Council deliberations to propose termination contracts to some city centre shops that do not benefit the metropolis.  The crackdown comes on currency exchange and souvenir stores that trade unfairly.

The proposal also mentions the first of the changes in Železná Street.  “The capital has prepared a review of the contractual relations concluded by the municipal company Trade Centre Praha and has given instructions for the termination of selected rental contracts, the purpose of which is the establishment of a currency exchange office and the sale of souvenirs,” Jan Chabr, City Councillor, describes.

He claims the shops do not benefit the city. The exact number of businesses to be affected has not been determined.

Shops around Charles Bridge, for example, are filled with Russian military hats, stacking dolls and other imported items that have little to do with Prague, as well as sweatshirts and magnets with often inappropriate slogans.

Not all such outlets are going to be affected, though. Some sell stylish goods, some promote young Czech artists, and some have kept a traditional range of goods, such as original Czech china, for decades. Lease contracts with such shops are not going to be terminated.

“Transparency and the fight against the outlets in the centre of the city that make our metropolis a scandal is one of the priorities of our program. I am glad that Councillor Chabr approached the termination of the lease in Železná Street. It is the first swallow and others will follow,” says Prague Deputy and MEP Jiří Pospíšil.

The Pirates are also supporting nationwide legislation in the Czech Parliament to restrict unfair exchange practices.

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