Prague to Offer Afghan Co-Workers City Apartments

Interior Minister Jan Hamacek will discuss the integration of the Afghans who are being transferred from Kabul to the Czech Republic with regional governors.

Meanwhile, Prague City will offer help with the integration of Afghans who have previously worked for the Czech army or diplomatic service.

The Czech Republic’s first evacuation flight from Kabul landed at Kbely Airport (in the northeast of Prague) on Monday morning with 46 Czech and local embassy workers and Afghan collaborators of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Department of Defense plans to relocate another twenty army interpreters to the Czech Republic.

“Prague is ready to welcome Afghan interpreters and their families, who are being transferred from Kabul to the Czech Republic. Similarly, we have already found a joint solution with the government to help Belarusian dissidents,” said Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) on Twitter.

“We are doing everything we can to ensure that our diplomats return home safely. As for helping the coworkers of the Czech army, we want to take care of them, we are working on it, and we have a plan for it,” said the Czech prime minister.

In March this year, Prague City rented six apartments to Belarusians who have fled repression in their home country. The apartments are now fully occupied, mostly by whole families. After the initial assistance from the state, tenants pay the rent themselves.

The deputy and mayor of Prague 2 also called for cooperation between the government and the regions in the integration of new Afghan exiles.

“I now wish one thing and I ask all the governors, and mayors to do the same. If our colleagues from Afghanistan reach us safely, let us help Jan Hamáček and his department with their integration,” said Jana Černochová (ODS).

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček was critical of the government’s action. He noted that the government approved the aid in late July.

“Since then, only the Taliban have advanced rapidly. Helping people in need lags behind. Unfortunately, in this way, we send a signal to current or future co-workers of how valuable their work is for us,” he wrote on Twitter.

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