Prague to Make Public Transport Free on High Air Pollution Days

Prague City Hall plans to make the city’s public transport and bike share system free on the smoggiest days in a bid to drive down pollution levels and meet EU air quality regulations.

The idea is to encourage more people to use public transport. Formally, the decision has not yet been made. The city council will discuss it at the next meeting, but since the initiative comes from the ruling coalition itself, its approval is almost a resolved matter.

A smog emergency is declared when a concentration of PM10 airborne particles exceed the limit of 100 micrograms per cubic meter for longer than twelve hours and do not fall below that limit for 24 hours. 

Research shows that the more space you give to cars, the more cars you attract. Indeed, most car-friendly cities are also the most congested. By giving backspace to pedestrians and cyclists, cities can create places where people meet and connect.

In the coming months, Prague City Hall also intends to conduct an advertising campaign aimed at informing citizens about air pollution levels and risks.

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