Prague to Install ‘Smart’ Streetlamps that Light Up When You’re Near

LEDs are now the standard replacement for legacy lighting in most cities around the world. At the same time, smart controls are becoming more mainstream and are increasingly installed alongside LED deployments.

Public lamp posts could become key carriers of modern technologies in Prague. This way, a network of sensors will be installed throughout the entire city.

They will collect data related to the city operation and its environment. The objective is reducing electric energy consumption and, at the same time, furnishing the posts with other functionalities by the means of newly installed measuring sensors. The modernized public lighting posts may also increase the safety of people at the given location.

The streetlamps will be equipped with sockets for recharging electric cars and bicycles, Wi-Fi access points, SOS buttons for calling emergency services and various sensors (temperature, air pollution, noise etc.).

About 32 thousand of the current 130 thousand lamps will be equipped with motion sensors. That means that a street lantern can switch on and off depending on how busy the street is: if nobody is there, they dim, but as soon as a car, bike or pedestrian approaches, they turn themselves on and accompany the vehicle or person on his way.

Smart Prague 

Smart Prague, is a project which hopes to use modern technologies in public spaces to turn Prague into a so-called ‘Smart City’.The aim of ‘smart cities’, is to create a more pleasant place to live, as well as finding solutions to ecological and population problems. The development of Smart Prague is supported by CTU, Charles University, and other academic institutions.

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