Prague to Host Traditional Medieval Festival in New Location

The popular medieval festival Středověké slavnosti is relocating from the courtyard of the Břevnov Monastery to the Maxe van der Stoela Park, near Prague Castle.

The family-friendly event is scheduled to take place on May 27th from 10:00 to 19:00, according to the event organizers.

The festival promises to transport guests back in time with musketeer battles, dueling knights, live medieval music, dancers, acrobats, and fakirs.

Various workshops, refreshments, and souvenirs will also be available at a themed fair.

Tickets will be available for purchase on-site, with prices to be announced at a later date. Last year’s tickets cost 180 CZK for adults and 100 CZK for children, while guests in medieval costumes were admitted for free.

The historical and stage fencing group Allgor is organizing the event. For more information, visit their Facebook page, where additional details will be announced in the future.

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