Prague to Commemorate the First Defenestration Anniversary

New Town Hall and the Municipal District Prague 2 have prepared an interesting programme for the anniversary of the First Defenestration of Prague, running until the 31st of July.

You can take part in guided tours, an open-air cinema in the New Town Hall courtyard and other events in Karlovo náměstí.

As part of this notable commemoration, three guided tours of the New Town Hall will take place. During these tours, you will be able to visit places that are not commonly accessible to the public, such as ​​the former prison and the Large Hall, whose windows the councillors were thrown from.

You will also be able to visit ‘Konšelský salonek’ (a lounge for city councillors of the time), the historical Maazhaus, the Chapel and other areas of the tower, including a former tower guard’s apartment. If you succeed in climbing all 221 steps, you will be rewarded with an amazing view from the observation deck. From the almost-70-metre tall tower, you can even see Prague Castle.

On the 30th of July, you will be able to step back in time to the year 1419 in Charles Square. Historical markets, Hussite weapons, traditional dance and music, and historical fencing performances will be part of the programme, along with a rich accompanying programme for children. You will also be able to try period dances.

On the evening of the 31stof July, the courtyard of the town hall will turn into an open-air cinema. Visitors are welcome to watch the film ‘Jan Žižka’ by Otakar Vávra from 1955.

Prague Defenestration of 1419

The first Prague Defenestration was a reaction to the arrest of several radical Hussites by Prague City Hall because they were preaching about Communion in Both Kinds. During the early morning hours on July 30th 1419, a radical Hussite priest named Jan Želivský was preaching in the Virgin Mary Sněžná church.

He managed to radicalize his audience so much that the armed and furious mob moved toward the New Town City Hall, where they demanded, through the speech of Jan Želivský, the release of their brethren, and when this was refused by the council members (supposedly a rock was thrown at Želivský), the mob overpowered the guards and raided the City Hall without hesitation. The assault was apparently commanded by Jan Žižka, a later Hussite leader. The council members were thrown out of the windows and then killed by the enraged mob in the street.This event is seen as what triggered the Hussite Wars long period.

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