Prague to Cancel the Register of Dog Breeders

The Prague City Hall is to cancel the register of dog breeders due to an amendment to the Animal Protection Act which will take effect from January 1, 2022.

When the amendments come into force, all breeders will be obliged to report dogs and the required data to the Central Veterinary Administration so a unified central register of dogs and their breeders can be established.

From the start of next year, the municipality has also decided to cancel the relief from the fee that people received when registering an animal which will, in turn, increase the city’s income each year.

People will still need to continue to pay the fee for a dog of 1,500 crowns per year, or 600 crowns in the case of breeding in family houses.

Previously, they offered a discount to breeders if they had their dog marked with an identification number and registered it in the city register. They could get a discount of up to 350 crowns a year.

The plans follow from the draft amendment to the city decree, which has just been approved by Prague councilors.

The fee is paid from dogs older than three months and is paid by the dog holder.

The breeder pays CZK 1,500 per year for each first dog and CZK 2,250 for each new dog.

In the case of breeding in family houses, it is CZK 600 and CZK 900. Seniors who pay 300 and 600 CZK get a discount.

At the end of last year, 90,183 dogs were reported in Prague, 4,150 more than the year before. There were 82,949 breeders. And like in previous years, most of them were in Prague 4, 6 and 10.


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