Prague to Build Floating Heliport on the Vltava River

Heliport on the Vltava River

On 31 January, Prague City announced that it will proceed with its plans to build a heliport on the Vltava River.

The heliport will operate as a landing site exclusively for the Air Rescue Service.

At the moment, the General University Hospital in Prague (VFN) does not have an appropriate heliport where Air Rescue Services can transport patients in need of urgent assistance. Commenting on this, Director of VFN David Feltl explained that helicopters are currently landing in Zítkovy sady near Palackého náměstí.

However, this site has proven to be inappropriate and unsafe as cultural events and markets often take place there. With the construction of a new landing site, the park in Zítkovy sady will then be able to return to its previous state, welcoming more visitors.

It is important to note that the heliport on the Vltava River will only be a temporary solution as VFN is planning to build a landing site for Air Rescue Service on the roof of the hospital within the next ten years.

Furthermore, VFN will not be the only hospital that will benefit from the floating heliport as the nearby Institute for Mother and Child Care in Podolí will also have access to the landing site.

In a press release, Councillor Jan Chabr acknowledged that Prague’s residents and tourists may criticise the municipality’s decision to use the Vltava River as a landing site. More specifically, Chabr stated:

“I am aware that the embankments are primarily a place for leisure activities of residents, and we will, of course, place emphasis on this aspect during its current revitalisation. The issue of establishing a heliport is something that may provoke some controversy, but what else should take precedence over leisure and enjoyment than saving lives.”

Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib echoed this statement, clarifying that the municipality had tested several alternative sites before concluding that a heliport in the Vltava is most suitable.

The construction of the new landing site will cost approximately CZK 10 million.

The municipality hopes to install the heliport by the end of the year.


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