Prague to Allocate Funds for 130 Projects to Improve Environment

An impressive sum of CZK 40 million has been earmarked for initiatives focused on public green spaces, environmental education, and the preservation of endangered animal species.

“The program is a crucial pillar of support for initiatives that elevate the environmental well-being of our capital city, bolster its resilience against climate change, foster awareness and engagement with pertinent issues, and provide environmental education within Prague,” said Jana Komrsková, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Climate Plan

Furthermore, the program actively encourages participation from diverse groups, civic organizations, associations, and other entities.

The program facilitates individual applicants in securing grants for their environmental projects in Prague.

The maximum amount granted is CZK 900,000 for educational endeavors, CZK 600,000 for climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, and CZK 450,000 for other initiatives. A total of 130 projects, submitted by 81 applicants, are poised to receive approval, cumulating to CZK 40 million in funding.

The program aims to bolster public green spaces, green classrooms, nature conservation, and environmental education.

It also encompasses educational and training programs catered to schools, climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts, as well as other specific projects.

Prominent beneficiaries of the program include notable associations and organizations such as the Association of Forest Kindergartens, the Czech Mycological Society, Recyclohraní, the Czech Agricultural University, and Toulcův dvůr.

Among the successful applicants are the Association of Forest Kindergartens, Czech Mycological Society, Recyklohraní, Czech University of Life Sciences and Toulcův dvůr, as well as city districts, which have requested money for the schools they are establishing.

Projects must start by the end of this year and must be completed next year.

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