Prague the Second Cheapest City for a Festive Break

Riga has been ranked the cheapest city for a festive break, according to new research.

The Latvian capital costs just £499 for a two-night break for two people this Christmas, almost half the price of the same holiday to Copenhagen – the most expensive out of the 10 surveyed at £884.

The annual Post Office Travel Money Christmas Markets Barometer, which comes out as Christmas markets kick off all across Europe, surveyed holiday prices to 10 European cities with popular Christmas markets. It calculated the price based on return flights, B&B accommodation, transfers, evening meals with wine and festive snacks for two people.

After Riga, Prague came in second place, with a two-night break costing £592 for two, representing a 12.2 per cent drop on last year. Tallinn in Estonia was third, with a break to the Christmas markets costing £606 – an almost 6 per cent hike from 2017.

“Our advice to people planning visits to a Christmas market city is to do their homework carefully before booking,” says Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money. “It’s well known that tourist staples are cheap in Eastern European cities, but Berlin also looks great value for a Christmas markets break this year and, closer to home, Lille is also a good option.”

The best-value Christmas market cities in Europe

  1. Riga, Latvia: 30 November-6 January, Dome Square
  2. Prague, Czech Republic: 1 December-6 January, Old Town Square
  3. Tallinn, Estonia: 24 November-5 January, Town Hall Square
  4. Berlin, Germany: 26 November-31 December, Gendarmenmarkt
  5. Lille, France: 18 November-30 December, Place Rihour
  6. Munich, Germany: 27 November-24 December, Marienplatz
  7. Budapest, Hungary: 23 November-1 January, Vörösmarty Square
  8. Stockholm, Sweden: 24 November–23 December, Old Town
  9. Vienna, Austria: 17 November-26 December, City Hall
  10. Copenhagen, Denmark: 16 November-31 December, Tivoli Gardens

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