Prague Taxi Driver Tried to Charge CZK 1,250 for a 300-Meters Ride

A taxi driver who was about to overcharge a customer was scared off by police officers on Prague’s Celetná Street on Monday night.

The passenger was supposed to pay CZK 1,250 (around 65 euros) for a 300-meter ride. When the taxi driver saw the patrol arriving, he drove off without money.

“We were just entering Celetná Street and we saw a passenger getting out of a taxi we know quite well. The driver just wanted to take the money from him, but as soon as he noticed that we were stopping, he drove off,” said officers from the so-called taxi team, which is the only one operating in Prague.

This special team consists of 22 officers and focuses on dishonesty in connection with the operation of taxi services.

“The tourist arrived at Náměstí Republiky by tram. He had booked a room in a hotel on Celetná Street. But he chose the wrong direction and reached V Celnici Street. Thinking he was where he was supposed to be, he looked for the hotel. Just then a ‘rescuer’ arrived on the scene in his luxury Mercedes Benz Exlusiv and offered his services. They arrived at the corner of Celetná and Rybná streets. The impressive distance is approximately 300 metres,” officers described.

The taxi meter showed the amount of CZK 125.0, but when the passenger asked how much he would pay, the driver asked for CZK 1,250.

The tourist had only euros with him, so the driver asked for 65 euros. Although the passenger was aware that this was a high amount, he was prepared to pay.

The rogue driver escaped the officers this time, but they are sure to encounter him again soon, they said on Facebook. Exorbitant taxi prices have been a long-standing phenomenon in Prague, especially in the city centre.

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