Prague Start-Up Freš Promises Grocery Delivery in 15 Minutes

Freš Delivery 15 Minutes

New and upcoming start-up company FREŠ offers an online order-and-delivery platform for groceries.

FREŠ started its operations in April, and what gives them a competitive edge is that they promise to deliver customers’ goods within 15 minutes – that’s a quick-serve.

Additionally, the company distinguishes itself by offering these two very practical features, which will be hard to turn down: they don’t require a minimum order size, and all the high-quality goods they provide stay at supermarket prices, so there are no pricey extra charges for customers.

Another great feature is that the delivery fee is at a fixed and measly 29 CZK, which is a steal compared to other delivery platforms’ prices.

Couriers will bring heavy bags straight to your doorstep, and delivery is available in the whole of Prague 2, and in some parts of Prague 1,3,4, and 8.

Customers can find products on FREŠ’ platform, just like the ones they’d find in supermarkets. Essentially, FREŠ has its own inventory of products, which they keep in their warehouse, also called ‘cloud stores’.

All in all, FREŠ has found a way to stand out, and what they offer is exceptionally attractive – a very fast delivery of high-quality goods at a very low price.

FREŠ team believes that their focus on emergency purchases, customer-centric approach, and a mobile app designed for grocery shopping will be sufficient to become a leader in this market. FREŠ plans to open at least 10 cloud stores in Prague by the end of 2021 and scale to other CEE countries as early as January 2022.

The core concept of FREŠ strategy is the emergency purchase, which is trying to serve a substantial part of the market’s audience.

Many of us working remotely at home or elsewhere, experience a point where we don’t really have the time or energy to go buy groceries, especially if it’s only for one or two products.

FREŠ’ 15-minute delivery should be a great option and an easy-fix in that regard.



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