Prague Says It Will Not Suspend Deportations to Afghanistan

Deportations to Afghanistan

The Czech Republic will continue with deportations of unsuccessful asylum seekers back to Afghanistan despite the deteriorating security situation, Interior Minister Jan Hamacek was quoted as saying on Friday.

“The Czech Republic is treating each asylum application individually, it examines the reasons thoroughly to determine whether to grant (asylum) or not. We won’t make any blanket exceptions,” Hamacek told the news website

Czech officials have also been debating how to help Afghans who assisted Czech troops deployed with the NATO mission in Afghanistan, whose lives are now in danger from the advancing Taliban.

Human rights organisations have urged the government to act fast.

Germany and the Netherlands have suspended any deportations of migrants to Afghanistan due to the tense security situation as Taliban insurgents make sweeping gains in the Central Asian country.

Some European Union countries, including Denmark and Germany, have suspended deportations as the Taliban has rapidly taken control of Afghan cities following the withdrawal of international forces.

A deportation of six Afghan citizens to Kabul planned for Aug. 3 was canceled at short notice due to a bomb attack in the Afghan capital.

“The security situation on the ground is changing so quickly at the moment that we can’t fulfill (our responsibility for the safety) of the deportees, the staff accompanying them or the flight crews,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said.

But he defended the deportations in general as “an important part of migration policy,” adding that the expulsion of convicted criminals and people considered a security threat would resume as soon as the situation allows.

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