Prague's Quality of Life is Better Than New York and London

Prague ranked 97th in the Numbeo quality of life ranking that surveyed 226 cities.

Numbeo ranks cities according to purchasing power, low cost of living and house prices relative to income. Low pollution, traffic, good health care and safety also add points to the city. Prague is placed ahead of New York, which is 140th and London, which is 163th. Russia’s Moscow is 191st, Ukraine’s capital Kiev is 192nd.

Among the Czech cities, Brno has the best ranking with the 89th place. 

The Australian capital of Canberra, the Dutch city of Eindhoven and Raleigh, North Carolina were rated Numbeo’s top three cities respectively. Outsiders are Daka (the capital of Bangladesh), Lagos (Nigeria) and Caracas (the capital of Venezuela).

Numbeo is the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide.

Top 10 best living cities in the world in 2019:

1) Canberra (Australia)

2) Eindhoven (Netherlands)

3) Roles (USA, North Carolina)

4) Adelaide (Australia)

5) Zurich (Switzerland)

6) Madison (USA)

7) Brisbane (Australia)

8) Wellington (New Zealand)

9) Columbus (USA)

10) Charlotte (USA)

Full rating can be found here.

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