Prague's Free New Year's Eve Concert: What You Need To Know

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Visitors who want to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Old Town Square can expect a seven-hour show with performances of domestic and world hits from the 1950s to the present, market organizer Taiko announced in a press release.

Hits of U2, REM, Beatles, Oasis, Sting will be performed by the band So Fine with its charismatic leader from Liverpool, Ged Maloney.

Further on, DJ Mikael van Dikeen and Party Leaders have prepared for you a mix of the best hits from 50´s till nowadays. It will be the 3rd New Year of this DJ in Prague and this year he is going to present his extended DJ set called #BeGlamorous #BePrague. The première of the single which is called in the same way is also due to take place during this event.


New Year’s Eve, Sunday, December 31, 2018 

  • 17.00 – 18.00     So Fine – Czech and international hits
  • 18.30 – 19.15     DJ Mikael van Dikeen
  • 19.15 – 19.45     Party Leaders – 1950’s, rock ‘n‘ roll
  • 19.45 – 20.30     DJ Mikael van Dikeen
  • 20.30 – 21.00     Party Leades – 1960’s and 1970’s
  • 21.00 – 21.45     DJ Mikael van Dikeen
  • 21.45 – 22.15     Party Leaders –  1990’s till nowadays
  • 22.15 – 23.00     DJ Mikael van Dikeen
  • 23.00 – 23.30     Party Leaders – –  1990’s till nowadays
  • 23.30 – 00.00     DJ Mikael van Dikeen

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