Prague Rooftop Cinema Starts its New Season

Summer cinema sessions will start on June 19 right on the rooftop of Prague Exhibition Palace (Veletržní palác).

That is a really unusual and inspiring place to watch well-known Czech and foreign films on the original motion picture film of the 16 and 35 mm format and enjoy the view. The cinema will be opened until October; the movies are scheduled every Tuesday and Wednesday (beginning at 21:30). 

The cinema hall has been there since the Palace was opened. It was located in the basement of the building and called Kino Favorit, and then renamed to Kino Veletrhy. The cinema was, unfortunately, destroyed by fire in August 1974.

The cinema schedule can be found here.

You can reserve the tickets online here or buy them if any is left right there, on the spot. The adult ticket is 120 kč, students, and pensioners – 100 kč.

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