Prague Restaurant “Gran Fierro” Launches Orange Wines

gran fierro orange wines

Not your typical Argentinian steakhouse, Gran Fierro puts sustainability at the core of its identity.

“We know the idea of the steakhouse needs to evolve,” said owner Juan Cruz, speaking to Prague Morning.

“We are not the typical steakhouse where people get stuffed with meat like crazy,” he said. Since they moved to the new location in Myslíkova, they’ve been taking steps towards sustainability, like composting their organic waste, creating awareness about the deforestation caused by the charcoal industry, and many more circular initiatives.

Now it seems that the time has come for the introduction of natural wines on the menu. “I was skeptical about natural wines since I heard about them, and even more after trying some very forgettable ones,” Juan said.

“But then I met the sommelier and winemaker Igor Corral Carmona. He introduced me to some remarkable wines that made me change my
mind. When you discover that a wine made without chemicals is not only good but great, you don’t want to drink anything else”.

Juan says that the degustation with Igor is unique, not only because he shares his knowledge with an absolute passion, but also because “he makes you understand what you are drinking. Suddenly it all makes sense”

One type of natural wine that he is keen to introduce it’s the often labeled orange wines. They are not made from oranges as some people might think. These wines are made from white grapes but keeping the skins during fermentation, as it is done for red wines. That’s what gives them the darker color.

“Most orange wines production involves little intervention, making them fall on the natural wine spectrum, and that’s why we consider them emblematic”

Juan also explained that natural wines are helping the larger wine community to understand more and more that it’s not so much about the grape as it is about the terroir. “The fewer chemicals you put in there, the more you let the terroir express its character”

The local scene of natural wines in the Czech Republic is starting to boom and Gran Fierro wants to spice it up by introducing some wines from Spain and France that deserve to be tasted.

Gran Fierro is hosting a degustation of Natural wines & Tapas at Manifesto Market Anděl on Friday, July 8th from 18:00 to 21:30 –, where Igor it’s going to show why the natural wines are so versatile when pairing them with food.

And on Sunday, July 10th from 11:00 to 15:00, Gran Fierro will offer a Natural Cava & Jamón brunch, where Igor it’s going to cut a whole “Pata de Jamón Ibérico de Bellota” and it’s going to pair its 3 different parts with 3 different Cavas.

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