Prague Ranked Among Best Green Capitals

Do you consider the “green credentials” of a place when you’re planning a trip?

Clean air, pure water, pedestrian-only streets, bike paths, parks, botanical gardens and other public green spaces, green trains, eco-hotels, rivers, lakes, hiking trails, good public transportation and quality vegetarian dining are all among the environmental strides towards sustainable tourism now implemented by some of the most beautiful capitals of the world.

In Europe, from Finland and Slovenia to Italy and France, many cities are making efforts to tackle the climate crisis and assume the lead on environmental action. Cities such as Grenoble and Budapest have mayors elected with eco-platforms and are leaders in sustainability projects.

To determine its new list of 20 Best Green Capitals in Europe, the European Best Destinations (EBD) organization considered criteria including air and water quality, public transport with zero CO2 emissions, green spaces per inhabitant, percentage of people who walk, cycle or take public transport to work, quality of life and the number of kilometers of cycle paths.

It also included destinations awarded the title of European Green Capital by the European Commission for Environment, as well as those designated as a European Destination of Excellence (Eden) by the European Commission.

Prague is also among the Greenest cities in Europe by many rankings.

“With an economy highly dependant on tourism, the Czech capital is rebounding from the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions with new strategies to control the over-tourism excesses that beset it and with programs to attract tourists for its history, architecture and culture more than for partying.”

“The air in Prague now is three times cleaner than in Brussels or Madrid and 75% of its population commutes to work by bicycle, on foot or by public transport,” states EBD.

Prague is also often ranked high among European cities with the best quality of life.

Its most beautiful parks and gardens including Riegrovy Sady Park, Stromovka Park and Botanicka Zahrada are highly praised by visitors.


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