Prague Ranked 5th of 80 Best Global Cities for Remote Workers

In a study that assesses liveability, living costs, infrastructure, and employment compliance, Prague was ranked 5th out of 80 cities around the world for remote working.

How the study was conducted

As part of its study, WorkMotion revealed an extensive methodology in which cities were scored out of 100, under 17 different “factors” divided into four broader categories — remote working compliance, cost of living, civic infrastructure, and liveability.

For some of these “factors”, a high score is considered better while for others a lower score aids the city’s ranking.

In order to account for this difference, WorkMotion revealed its score calculation method, inverting scores where low value is better and using a min-max normalization formula.

“The final score was determined by calculating the sum of the weighted average score of all of the indicators,” WorkMotion added.

How did Prague fare

The cities were ranked on the basis of the ease of corporate compliance for employing workers remotely, the flexibility of the legal system, and availability of a remote worker visa. Prague ranked 5th among the top 80 cities in the world.

Prague scored just 73.30 on ease of compliance, and 62 on legal flexibility.

Cost of living score was judged on tax rates, cost of housing, access to housing, as well as the general affordability of living in that city.

The ratings can provide important insights and perspectives for business leaders about retaining and recruiting employees or independent contractors who prefer — or insist — on working from outside the office in these and other locations around the world.

WorkMotion says that technology is ready for remote work, and with the Covid-19 pandemic, people became accustomed to working remotely, suggesting that the market for offsite workers worldwide will continue to grow in the future.


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