Prague Public Transport to Operate on a Reduced Schedule

Due to the newly-announced curfew, Prague authorities decided to reduce the schedule of public transport.

As reported by ČTK, from Monday 2 November, the daily bus and tram schedule will end at 22:00 – 22:30 (depending on the route). As for the metro, the last trains will leave the terminal stations at 22:00, and not at 00:00.

“However, the public transport operations will still significantly exceed the current demand, which is now 70% lower compared to the pre-crisis time,” said Filip Drapal, spokesman for Ropid, Prague’s transport company.

Additional information:


  • the entrance to the subway will be closed at approximately 22:30 (depending on the specific station);
  • the last trains will leave the terminal stations two hours earlier than usual – at 22:00 instead of midnight;
  • train intervals will be increased by 10-45 seconds (depending on the line).


  • the tram interval on weekdays will be increased to 10 minutes;
  • an exception was made only for routes numbers 9, 17, and 22. The interval will increase to 5 minutes;
  • night trams will run every 30 minutes;
  • the first night-time tram departure from Lazarská stop is scheduled for 22:30.


  • the interval of the night buses will be 60 minutes;
  • an exception was made for routes 904, 905, 910, and 911. Their interval will be 30 minutes.
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