Prague City Promises Better Quality Tap Water

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Do you drink tap water in Prague? And do you like it? Prague City invested 1.5 billion CZK in the Želivka water treatment plant and in the Podolská waterworks.

Both Želivka and Podolí are now purifying drinking water with more modern technology. And thanks to that, the level drinking water in Prague has increased. “After the installation of these technologies, we guarantee that the water is of such a quality that you will not often find it even in bottles,” says Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček (STAN).

The new technology is currently in trial operation. “And the results are great both in Podolí and in Želivka,” the deputy assures. According to the survey, 66% of Praguers prefer “tap” water.

“Not only do they drink water of absolutely high quality, but they also save the environment. Prague City has a sufficient quantity of water for the next 50 years.”

The modernization of the Podolí waterworks and the Želivka water treatment plant is based on the new principle of filtration. Granular activated carbon began to be used for it, thanks to which drinking water is free of synthetic organic chemicals, pesticides and other undesirable compounds.

The Želivka water treatment plant has been supplying Prague and other towns and villages in Central Bohemia and the Vysočina region with drinking water since 1972 and is one of the largest in Europe.

And how does it actually get to our taps? The filtered water is pumped into the control reservoir and then transported through a gravity tunnel to the main reservoir in Jesenice near Vestec, from where the water supply lines distribute it to Prague households.

By increasing the quality of drinking water, Prague is trying, among other things, to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Last year, the Czechs threw 173,000 tons into yellow containers!

How to test your water?

If you are concerned about lead in your water, you may wish to have your water tested. Information on lead in drinking water, testing methods, and steps you can take to minimize exposure is available from the Safe Drinking Water Hotline or at also provide accredited analyzes of water across the Czech Republic. Samples for water abstraction and subsequent analysis are provided in 44 branches all over the Czech Republic. Possibility of express evaluation of samples within 1-3 working days. Or if you wish to test the water yourself at home, you can try and look for some water quality test kit.

Želivka water treatment plant

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