Prague Pride Parade Not Happening Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

One of Prague’s biggest parties — the annual Pride Parade — will not take place in August as scheduled due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The 10th edition of the Prague Pride festival will be held from August 3 to 9. However, according to the organizers, putting on the parade was just too much of a risk.

Compared to last year, there will probably half of the events happening. The program will include a wide range of activities, from community picnics to stream debates and music transmissions. The Pride House will host discussions just like in previous years.

Organizers plan an online program instead of the parade, offering content and connections with other places hosting Pride meetings and parties.

Last year the parade brought together about 30 thousand people.

The Prague Pride festival takes place every year in August, all the way since 2011. The festival lasts a week and regularly presents over 100 cultural and social activities, public discussions and debates, sports events, and spiritual encounters.

The festival is prepared by a team of volunteers, and lead since 2018 by Hana Kulhánková.

For updated information regarding the 10th edition of the Prague Pride festival, please follow the official Facebook event

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